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Updated   10th June 2024

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Bridge Items for Sale




    Card Table :-Click lock action, metal legged table with a durable Black plastic playing surface. Easy to open, close and store. Measures 34" (84cm) square and 27"(69cm)  high. 62.00 each
    PORTABLE BIDDING BOX :- Easy to store and easy to use. No re-arranging of the cards is needed when the box is opened/closed. Just open the lid, tilt the cards, close the lid and the cards lie safely stored inside the box. On the table, Bid Buddy takes less room than any other Bidding Boxes. When stored, it is very compact -  includes bidding box cards. 28 per set of 4
    PLAYING CARDS :- Excellent quality playing cards  from Carta Mundi. Linen embossed with plastic coating, very durable . Includes bridge scoring card. AVAILABLE IN RED OR BLUE. 1-50 per pack
    BRIDGE TABLE CLOTH :- Beautiful corduroy bridge  cloth 44" square (Blue or Black) - washable and hard wearing only 12 each











6 brand new books from Aces:-


Bermuda Bowl  by Henry Francis & Brian Senior priced 15.99

Best of Gray by Raymond Brock - priced 13.99

Its Your Call  by Brian Senior - priced 9.99

Fit for a King by Sally Brock & Barry Rigal priced 9.99

Helgemo's World of Bridge by George Tisveloll (with Geir Helgemo) priced 9.99

The Big Game by Robert Sheehan priced 9.99

all available for 24 the lot plus p & p



Series 1 - 4 Videos from Ron Klinger

Improve Your Hand Valuation

Tips on Bidding

Opening Leads 1

Card Combinations for Declarer

recommended price 14.99  each title

All four available for 20  plus p &p