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Updated   10th  December 2023

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Learning to play bridge with Harold Schogger

I asked my students what is the merit in learning to play bridge and here are some of their thoughts - I hope it inspires you to want to come and learn to play bridge with me.

        Bored With Surfing on The Net Tired of being a blogger

        Change your life in just one week

        Learn Bridge with Harold Schogger

        No Better time than now

         Bridge is good to stimulate the mind and make one think in a logical way- itís a very interesting and social game good for all ages

        We have been to Harold for over 10 years - improving our bridge as a game as one can never stop learning. Harold is an excellent teacher -always makes our supervised sessions bridge sessions of great interest.

        Harold makes Bridge easier to absorb and expert advice

        The social aspect of playing bridge was a draw

        Harold Schogger has good reputation  as a good tutor

        Enjoyable lessons given with patience in an orderly fashion- not bombarding us with information not relevant to specific lesson.

        Bridge is a Lifeline for companionship if you are alone

        Social activity, stimulates mind, helps prevent dementia, learn new skill, have fun- we want to play 

        I enjoy the supervised sessions - they are clear information and very helpful - I enjoy improving my game and the social aspect

        I learnt to play bridge because I felt it was good for the brain and was fortunate to be taught by one of the best teachers in the business.

        Harold is an excellent teacher and playing bridge keeps my mind active and stimulated.

        Harold makes bridge fun to learn and explains all the rules very clearly

        I want to learn again after 30 years, so I can use my brain and have hopefully a better social life.

        Warm- friendly- improving skills

        Bridge is an absorbing game keeping my brain cells alive

        I came every week to improve my bridge in a friendly instructive atmosphere.

        Came to improve my bidding and playing in a very friendly place with very good instruction

        Why you should learn bridge? Because it is  sociable, stretches the mind, enjoyable and can be played at any age



        A sociable game for pairs and singles- broadens your social life

        Why Harold? Because he is extremely knowledgeable at bridge, patient and an excellent teacher

        Recommended by so many people as a super teacher- I agree- social asset

        Makes learning good fun

        Why Harold? Harold is a very competent teacher enabling us to learn bridge in a friendly environment.

        Hobby- Social- stimulating of the mind - best tea maker I know plus good biscuit selection- best teacher I know because uses good teaching techniques

        Social Asset- Good form of entertainment- good teacher- makes your mind think- stimulating - good refreshments

        Stimulating- Nice to use your brain- always good to learn something new- Great Teaching approach - explains concepts well- Good tea and biscuits- patient

        I have found Harold most understanding and helpful in teaching me right from the start- I took up bridge as a way of meeting people.