If you would like to write a piece or to contribute  a review or give a reference to a company with whom you have been happy then please submit item  to me Harold Schogger  schogger@haroldschogger.com

Miscellaneous Articles

1. Diary of a Triathlete June 2009 by Harold Schogger (submitted by Harold)

2. The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff (submitted by Rudi schogger)

3. Mother Teresa's Verses (submitted by Rudi Schogger)

4. Blogging from Hong Kong  (by Roger Goldner submitted by Harold Schogger)

5. Visiting Tesco

Computer & Web recommendations

1. need a guest book on your web page that is easy to install with superb back up then use The Easy PHP Guestbook which is avaliable from cellbiol.com 

(recommended by H,Schogger) .


2. I would not buy any computer item unless it was Hewlett Packard. (recommended by H,Schogger) .



Their back up service is brilliant, second to none      www.hp.com/uk   (recommended by H,Schogger) .


3.   Want to monitor your web traffic then Go Stats.com is for you - its free and its brilliant  - http://c2.gostats.com/

     (recommended by H Schogger)




Teacher and authors do you want to write a bridge hand up, making sure you do not repeat a card and then be able to transfer it directly into Word then Paul Young's utility is for you.   BridgeDealer.exe  is for teachers and journalists, the utility allows you to enter a bridge hand without fear of repetition of cards and then to transfer the hand directly into Microsoft Word (recommended by Harold Schogger)


Sendblaster is simply the best when it comes to Large bulk emailing and their after sales service is second to none. I had a small problem over Christmas day and Boxing day and their technical staff sorted me out they are the very best well done Sendblaster (recommended by Harold Schogger)

6.want to put a professional contact form on your page then this is the page for you. Its easy to use, cheap and if you have any problems the programmer, Stuart Cochrane has the wealth of patience (recommended by Harold Schogger)



Recommendations for all sorts of services

1. Kosher Outlet Brent Cross


(recommended by Harold & Daphne Schogger)

2.Need any sort of service or help why not try Student Gems

Jobs to do and no time?

Projects to complete but not enough budget?

Why not use a student or recent graduate who 

can get your jobs and projects completed at very

cost effective rates.

There are 000s of talented students waiting to help you

on www.studentgems.com

(recommended by Harold Schogger)



3.Why not have your car serviced in Highview Gardens whilst at bridge ?

If you want to get in touch with Paul Mcleod ring him  0208  931 2097 or email  him at paul2097@hotmail.com

(recommended by Harold & Daphne Schogger)


4. Do you need a good roofer to do the job quickly ?


Mal did our roof in one day- he had 15 men retiling and repairing our roof and we are very pleased. His prices were better than the other quotes and he turned up when he said he was going to do so. He left the site completely tidy when he left.

If you want to get in touch with MAL then phone him on    07904 095980  (recommended by H & D Schogger)


5. Do you want a cloned iphone with all mod cons ?

 If you want good service and good back up service at amazing prices. then get in touch with Eric Dong from Hong Kong and he will look after you very well indeed houday@gmail.com  (recommended by H Schogger)    


6. Do you want an excellent Landscaped gardener ?

Get in touch with Greg of Batemans in Potters Bar phone 01707 642768  or    07973 728938  or email him for quote greg196@btinternet.com (recommended by H & D Schogger)

7. Do you want a good removals Company ?

 Brosnan and Son Removals L.T.D .   Tel: 020 8452 3453.  They moved me to my present house and through our recommendation friends have used them.  We have found them to be very reliable and courteous. (recommended by P Wicebloom and her family)

8. Need a reliable Decorator/handyman ?

Then get in touch with Adrian Ardeleanu 07812382109 (recommended by H & D Schogger)

9.  Want to learn to Drive ?

miandel@tiscali.co.uk   07973 107 269  www.haroldschogger.com/MichaelYoung.htm (recommended by Jordan Marks)

10. Need expert air-conditioning help then get in touch with Horatio

for both servicing and installation (recommended by R Wald and also H Schogger)

11. Clothes alterations  

  Need some alterations  done quickly contact Louisa 07529 643296 (recommended by Daphne Schogger)


need a friendly web designer or some free coding then Steve Dawson is your man- he helped me with some coding and had endless patience (recommended by Harold)