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Updated   10th June 2024

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                                           BRIDGE MOVIES/FILMS



Danny Kaye playing bridge in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Even Spies play bridge (from Killing Eve)




 The Bridge Battle in 1932

       Making coffee for the the bridge club




Bridge Wives





Watch how the Israeli Pair

are allegedly cheating :-







Easley Blackwood being interviewed by Charles Goren

              two of the most famous bridge players ever


How not to Play bridge and assess Hands



The Marx Brother playing bridge


How not to Play bridge and assess Hands 


Buster Keaton playing Bridge 

The Joy Of Bridge 




How Old do you have to be to play  bridge ?


Eilat Bridge Holiday 2006 with Harold Schogger & Paul Wilson 



Harold shows you how to Count Winners




Card Combinations from Ron Klinger



Signals & Discards from Ron Klinger


Opening Leads part 2 from Ron Klinger





Competitive Bidding from Ron Klinger

Defensive Play from Ron Klinger




Improve Your Hand Evaluation from Ron Klinger




The Amazing Smoothini for Close Up Magic from America's Got Talent