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Updated   10th June 2024

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                                       THE NAUGHTY CORNER

                       devoted to all the misdemeanors students commit

                                    (if you would like to contribute to this listing please send Harold an email -      schogger@haroldschogger.com   and you will be credited with the submission)


  1.As declarer, failure to draw trumps immediately, when you have so many winners in the other suits.

2. As a defender, leading an unsupported Ace  and making the King and Queen good for declarer without declarer doing any work for himself

3. Ruffing just for the hell of it without getting extra tricks- generally speaking ruffing in the Long Hand where you have already counted your tricks as trumps naturally

4. Drawing trumps when dummy has a shortage and you need to do some ruffing first while there are still three trumps in the dummy.

5. Cashing the controlling cards in the opposition's suit. They lead a suit and you cash your other controlling card in that suit

6. Forgetting to Open 1NT and then having a rebid problem next time around