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Updated  21st July 2024

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 BRIDGE instructive FILMS



1. Rule of 20

  2. Rule of 14
  3. Families of Bridge Bids
  4. Rule of 15
  5. Rule of 7 & Holding Up
  6. Fourth Suit Forcing
  7. The Barrier Bid Principle
  8. The three types of informative Double
  9. Bidding after partner has made an Informative Double
  10 SQOT Suit Quality Overcall Test
  11. Leading Against No Trump Contracts and Rule of 11
  12.Splinters and Rule of 26
  13. How to count winners and Losers
  14. Elimination and Endplaying the Opponents
  15. Reversing and Barrier Bidding




Suit Quality Overcall Test






3 Family of Bridge Bids


          The Rule of  20










The Rule of 14


                   The Rule of 15




The Rule of 7 & Holding Up

              Fourth Suit Forcing  



The Barrier Bid Principle

                   Three Types of Informative Double  


  Bidding after partner makes

                       an Informative Double

  Leading against No trump Contracts and Rule of 11  
  Splinters and Rule of 26   How to Count Winners and Losers  
  Why Bridge is Brilliant...   Eliminations and endplays  
  Reversing and Barrier Bids