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Updated   24th September 2023

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DEBATES & interesting articles from the EBU magazine

  1. The Debate - A 1NT Opening bid can contain a five card Major ? from English Bridge Aug 2007

2.  Duplicate Pairs Tactics by Andrew Robson from English Bridge Aug 2007

3.  The Debate - Should the National Teams be sponsored ? from English Bridge Oct 2007

4.  The Debate - Open 1C or 1S with 55 in the Black suits ? from English Bridge Dec 2007

5   The Debate - Weak No Trump versus Strong no Trump ? from English Bridge Feb 2008 

6   The Debate- Teams /Match Pointed Pairs is best form of Bridge ? from English Bridge April 2008

7.  The Debate - Attitude or Count Signals ? from English Bridge June 2008

8.  The Debate-Disciplined Pre-empts or random pre-empts are best? from English Bridge Aug 2008

9.  The Debate - Great Bridge is percentage bridge,  is  flair ? from English Bridge Oct 2008

10.The Debate- with 4-4 in a Major Minor Open the Major ? from English Bridge Dec 2008

11. The Debate RKCB is/is not a 'good thing'  from English Bridge Feb 2009

12 The Debate Smith Peters are a great Method/Awful Method ? from English Bridge April 2009

13. The Debate-The Multi 2♦ is a good ConventionThe Multi 2♦ is not a good convention from English Bridge June2009

14 Let the Opponents Play in a vulnerable part-score by Andrew Robson from English Bridge June 2009

15. The Debate 5 card Majors is the better system-4 card Majors is the better system from English bridge August 2009

16 The Debate Ghestem is much better than Michaels Cue Bids/Michaels cue Bids are better than Ghestem from October 2009

17. The Debate A Strong Club system is much better than Acol/Acol is much better than a Strong Club system from December 2009

18. Benji Two Bids the 2 opening by Ron Klinger from December 2009

19.The Debate When 1NT is doubled, should you wriggle out of it ? from February 2010

20.Benji Two Bids the 2 opening by Ron Klinger  from February 2010

21.Director Please ! by Mike Swanson from February 2010

22 The Debate Benji Acol is a good system/Benji Acol is a bad system from April 2010

23. Limit your losses in a popular contract by Andrew Robson from April 2010

24.Think Pairs by Ed Scerri  from August 2008

25. Splinter Bids by David Bakshi from February 2009

26. More Pairs Tactics from Andrew Robson  from June 2009

27. The Debate Do Not Use Stayman on Flat Hands from June 2010

28. The Debate Don't bid 4 suits up the line with 4-4-3-2 from August 2010

29. The Debate Fourth highest Leads are Best from October 2010

30. Lead a passive top of three small against 1NT instead of a broken four card suit from Andrew Robson from October 2010

31. The Debate Women are as good at Bridge as Men from December 2010

32. The Debate With Ace King lead Ace for Attitude and King for Count February 2011

33. The Debate Cue Bid first round controls first when cue bidding April 2011


  34. Bridge with a Twist (The Language of bridge IV) by Simon Cocheme  June 2011

35. History of Bridge - How bridge has changed in 75 years by Jeremy Dhondy  June 2011

36. The Debate Weak Jump Shifts are best from August 2011

37. Suit Preference Signals by David Bakhshi from August 2011

38.The Debate Support Doubles are a good convention from October 2011

39. Pairs Tactics when to bid Stayman by Andrew Robson  from October 2011

40. The Debate Inverted Minor Suit Raises are a good Convention from December 2011

41. Common Sense Defence Part 1 by Frances Hinden from December 2011

42. The Debate Landy is better than Astro  from February 2012

43. Common Sense Defence Part 2 by Frances Hinden from February 2012

44. Team Tactics Teams - when in doubt bid Game by Derek Patterson  from February 2012