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Updated   10th June 2024

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from 1974 - 1994 the world's experts submitted expert tips

to BOLS the Dutch Distillers and each year a panel of eminent IBPA

members voted on the very best of these tips. They can now be viewed courtesy of the IBPA





Jean Besse Beware of your trump tricks. When you see a chance for an early overruff, donít be in too much of a hurry to take it.  

Dorothy Hayden


Against no-trumps, defenderís first spot card, unless it is essential to give the count, should indicate attitude the opening leader's suit.


Gabriel Chagas


When you have to develop a shaky suit, consider whether you can prepare for an intra-finesse by ducking with an 8 or a 9 on the first round.  


Benito Garozzo


Games may be quietly defended but slams must be attacked


Charles Goren


If you arenít sure how to continue after you win a trick, you should consider ducking it


Robert Hamman


If you ever to amount to anything at this game, you must build up a picture of the unseen hands. The idea is to know what the problem is before you try to solve it


Patrick Jourdain


With eight winners and five losers in three no-trumps ,play off your long suit early


Mike Lawrence


Ecstasy   anytime you feel yourself succumbing to an emotion, whether sadness, depression, irritation, comfort, elation, or ecstasy, you should fight it off. stop and pay attention.

  Ed Manfield  

Over 5 ?  Think twice before you bid over five: the five level belongs to the opponents

  Per-Olov Sundelin  

If you canít see yourself beating the contract by winning the trick, duck it Ė even at the cost of a trick.

  Pietro Forquet  

Count the opponentsí hands Ė but when you have counted them, play intelligently.

  Harold Schogger  

Don't open another suit

  Schmuel Lev  

When you have a holding such as a-q or a-j in the suit led by partner, do not automatically play third hand high

  Zia Mahmood  

Roll over Houdini,  when they don't cover  they don't have it


Pietro Forquet

Always be Ready to Change your Plan

Dick Cummings


Avoiding the Gong


Larry Cohen

Eight never - nine ever
  Dirk Schroeder Use the space
  Anna Valenti Donít rush to draw trumps. On some hands you may be able to draw them successfully; on others, even if you can draw them, you will be left with too few tricks.
  Howard Schenken When on defence in third position, cultivate the habit of  playing slowly to the first trick


Aavo Heinlo 

Let the opponents tell the story

Mark Horton

Don't be Afraid to respond

Jon Baldursson

Don't be a pleasant opponent, Bid

Zia Mahmood

The Panther Double

Paul Marston

Take the Hint

Marijke van der Pas

Play the Hand Yourself
  Bep Vriend Bid More with a Clean hand, Don't get busy if you have Minus Points
  Jeremy Flint Don't Cry Before you are hurt - When you are outgunned don't let your opponents know
  George Havas Falsies

Eric Kokish

Make the Ďone for the road' a double 

Patrick Jourdain

Consider the Discard

Terence Reese

Careless Talk Costs Lives

Rixi Markus

Keep It Simple

Svend Novrup

Search for the Eggs of Columbus

Anton Maas

Reversed splinter bids

Terence  Reese

The discard tells the story

George Rosenkranz

Direct the Opening Lead during the Auction

Sandry Landy

Trump Leads

Derek Rimington

When leading a trump always choose the lowest card

Tim Seres

Give Declarer Enough Rope

Andy Robson

Play a Pre-emptor who leads his suit for a singleton trump

Sally Brock

Conceal the Queen of Trumps

Steen Moller

Discovering Distribution

Jeremy Flint

Consider Whether to Lead an Honour

David Birman

Suit Preference on Opening Lead

David Bird

Not Obliged to Say  Anything

Hugh Kelsey

Guard Your Honour

Derek Rimington

The King Lives, Long Live the King

Rixi Markus

 Consider leading Low from a Doubleton Honour

Pierre Jaiis

Extend Your Distributional Signals

Jose le Dentu

Tip for the Pip

Barry Westra

Don't Follow partner's signals blindly

Matthew Granovetter

Picture the Original Shape

Jean Besse

Don't Play an Idle Card Thoughtlessly

Barry Rigal


Clement Wong

Hide and Seek

Terence Reese

Unfriendly Play

Tony Priday

Practice the Art of Camouflage

Eric Rodwell

Danger Hand High

Alfred Sheinwold

Don't Think !

Qi Zhou

Play your honour early if its of no use

Michel Lebel

Duck when you don't have the Ace

Giorgio Belladona

 Hold Up the Ace of Trumps

Jeff Rubens

Honour Thy Partner

Anders Brunzell

Don't relax when Dummy is Strong

Israel Erdenbaum

Never Play your lowest card first

Billy Eisenberg

Play Low from Dummy

Max Rebattu

The high cards will be with the Length

Terence Reese

Fear The Worst

Tony Forrester

The Power of the Closed Hand

Eric Kokish

The Simplest Gifts are often the  Best

Derek Rimington

Play Trumps Fluently

Eric Crowhurst 

Second Hand Problems

Villy Dam

Do Their Thinking

Chip Martel

Play with all 52 cards

Sandry Landy

Remember what they didn't bid

Phillip Alder

Don't be impulsive consider the Alternatives

Gabriel Chagas

The Value of the small cards

Jim Jacoby

Save the Deuce

Terence Reese

See round corners

Bobby Wolf

Your Tempo is showing

Jean-Paul Meyer

Build your own algorithm

Joyce Nicholson

Move an Important card

Toine van Hoof

Shuffle your cards

Gabriel Chagas

Don't spoil your partner's brilliancy

Matthew Granovetter

Keep your guesses to yourself

Jens Auken

The Kill Point

Jim Jacoby

Beware bridge players bearing gifts

Bernard  Marcoux

Imagine and capitalize

Robert Hamman

When in Rome 

Id Lundby

Bridge is only a Game - have fun playing it

Kitty Munson

The Trappist Rule

David Porris

Don't walk the plank